Code as Poetry

I’m not a good programmer. I’ve written enough code, shipped enough projects, to know there are some things I will forever struggle with. Balancing a tree, calculating Big O (old Uni knowledge long since lost), even working out bitmasks is now something I just use a tool to work out.

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DIY Analytics

I did something stupid. Off the back of my last post about looking for something for analytics, I ended up making a system myself. I don’t know why. It’s certainly never going to be as good as one off the shelf, but I did it anyway.

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Analytics in 2024

I hate tracking. Well, that’s not quite right. I hate big corporate systems tracking me across a dozen different walled-gardens purely so they can shove some crap down my throat. What I do like is been able to see that people in Canada really like my site, or that the last story I wrote had more than 2 visits (thanks mum).

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Being Stupid

I used to be healthier (didn’t we all?). I am not. To motivate myself I’m doing the endure24 event. How far can I move this blubbery body in 24 hours? I’m hoping to do 10 laps of a 5-mile forest track. I’m also trying to do it for a good cause, so if you feel like helping please chip in. (Obviously I’m going to try and over-engineer some data for it as well.)

Being Weird

I’m having great fun writing pages on the new HL (coming soon ™). I’m embracing just doing things because they’re fun and weird and because I want to do them.

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Sticky Games

I’ve been on a run of tech posts recently so I want to do something totally different. I’m currently pulling together loads of old films, books, and games for the new site and wanted to make a Top 10 list but realised I don’t actually care about ratings. I’ve sunk more time in a mid-tier game than many best-of winners. So I want to make just a random list of games that are “sticky”, ones that have held my focus and/or my memories. They’re more ordered by when I first played them but then again, maybe not.

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Data Prisons

I’m slowly pulling data into the new HybridLogic. In the process I’m realising a. how many other services I use, even after culling them a few years ago, and b. how many services now are complete and utter data prisons.

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Ruffling Digi27

2005-05-22. That’s the timestamp in the first docblock on Feels like an eternity ago. The site is… bad. Twenty year younger me was not a good coder (so some things don’t change). But as part of the fallout from Apple killing Flash, Digi27 has kind of been pointless for a while.

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I’m currently berries-deep in the new version of this site. It’s not perfect. It’ll never be perfect. But I’ve wanted to make a new version for over ten years now. In the meantime, to actually make sure I’m using it, I’ve added a little micro-blog updates feed to it.

It’s what Twitter used to be. Back when the textarea had a prefix of “Currently…”. It feels nice to be journalling again as well. Seeing tweets from 2006, recalling days. I’m going to miss the five plus years I didn’t have any of that. Stupid OSINT.

As for when it’ll be done: never. As for when I’ll swap this old WordPress thing over to it: by 8th June latest.