Stargate: Universe

Ergh. I’ve loved all of the previous Stargate TV series (well maybe not the last two seasons of SG1 but I watched them nonetheless). So when the show producers announced another spin-off called Stargate: Universe after the cancellation of Atlantis I was more than pleased. This looked like a grittier, darker Stargate. And boy did they fail to deliver.

From the first few episodes in it was plain that the writers just didn’t have a clue how to do a character-driven show. SG1 and Atlantis were all about action with people thrown in. With SGU it was obvious they were trying to capture some of the brilliance of Battlestar Galactica, but what they ended up with were a bunch of annoying characters with obvious flaws going about the most mundane tasks possible.

All of this wouldn’t have been so bad if at some point they redeemed themselves but no, it just got worse. When SGU returned from its mid-season break I was severely tempted to just not bother watching but unfortunately I held out in the hope it would improve.

And now we come to the reason for this post: the finale, the last episode. Or what I hoped would have been the last episode if a second season hadn’t been commissioned. It didn’t end. Regular episodes had a better ending. I thought my copy had been truncated at first, but nope, it just ends mid-flash. Bullshit.

Hopefully, please, the writers will have seen the unanimously bad reviews and improved upon the show for its second season but one can’t hold out hope. Bring back Atlantis, at least that had promise and characters you could like. Just don’t give us more of the same rubbish with SGU.