HTML5 for Web Designers

My copy of A Book Apart’s first publication arrived this morning, HTML5 for Web Designers. It’s a modest affair, smaller than one expects, readable in an hour or so but a definite case of quality over quantity.

HTML5 has an air of mysticism around it at the moment. No one quite knows what’s valid, what’s deprecated, what a “proposed recommendation” means or just what HTML5 includes anymore. Luckily HfWD sums up (almost) everything you need to know in a beautiful little package.

The topic list on the book’s website provides a good overview of what’s covered and it’s pretty wide-ranging but fairly shallow. This may sound like a failing but it means you get only the information and not a volume on each little feature (which other books can provide as needed).

Maybe the book could have been a bit bigger, but overall it does the job of educating the average web designer about HTML5 with aplomb.

My rating: 8/10