The Best Thing I Ever Did

Before and After

Today marks 3 months since I set myself the challenge of losing some weight. First, a bit of history. Early to mid-2009 I decided to start running as I was sick and tired of being out of breath all the time. I’m still running to this day as well as going swimming regularly (I normally average 10K and 2 miles respectively each week). However, while my stamina increased my overall weight didn’t go down. In fact while working at 383 and snacking on junk food every day for a year I ballooned to nearly 16 stone in weight!

So when I finished in June and had had a month off enjoying myself I decided to get back in shape. A plan was born: lose 25kg in 3 months. And today I completed that challenge.

Weight loss over 3 months

As soon as people see me they want to know how I did it, what was my secret. And the answer is: it’s frakking easy. Just eat less. I more than likely took it too far, eating one slim portion a day alongside basic fruits and vegetables, but I never deprived myself of food if I knew my body needed it. All these fad diets, avoid this, snack only on that, screw them. Just eat a healthy, but small, portion of food at a time.

I did also have the advantage of creating a WordPress plugin to track my weight which I recorded daily and then plotted to work out estimated target dates (I’m a geek, what else was I gonna do). This gave me the added benefit of getting instant feedback on whether I was on target or not.

It’s an amazing feeling though having reached 12 stone now. People always remark on how I look now, anyone who looks at older pictures can’t believe I’m the same person and physically I’ve come on leaps and bounds (my fastest mile dropped from 6:58 to 5:58 and I can run a 10K without stopping!).

This truly is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done.