Megamind turns the current trend of animated superhero movies on its head. Here the good guy is the bad guy and the bad guy makes a good guy who becomes the bad guy like the original good guy. The plot itself isn’t the strongest point, but then again this isn’t Pixar. Instead what you have is a funny film that finally uses 3D for some good.

First up; the characters. Will Ferrell is great as the titular Megamind, with nice support from Pitt and Fey. Jonah Hill once again comes over as a dimwit who is in serious need of acting lessons, even for an animated flick.

In terms of animation, Megamind is definitely an improvement over recent 3D films that seem to lose their shine after ten minutes. The effects are good and the overal pacing well thought out. As I said, this isn’t a Pixar film so lacks the punch of something like The Incredibles, but it definitely has a comic flair much more suited towards adults. The verbal sparrings often bring a smile to the face.

Overall, this is a nice effort. Maybe not the best animated film this year, but one worth watching.

My rating: 6/10