The Best Films of 2010

2010, the year I saw more films than I can possibly recount. There have been some highlights, and some definite low points. This post will detail what I feel have been the best films to come out at the cinema this year.

10. The A Team
Never having been a big fan of the original, I really enjoyed the modern remake of The A Team. It had a good plot, lots of special effects and a well put together cast.

9. Buried
Buried walked a very fine line, one it could easily have fallen off of and become a typical run-off-the-mill thriller. Instead it was very well executed and definitely deserves a place in this years Top 10.

8. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
I can’t believe the Millenium trilogy is already over, with each film being a very powerful contender but it has to be the first that gets a spot in this list. A brilliant change from the typical Hollywood thriller, this film really brought the films to the public’s attention.

7. Bad Lieutenant
What a random film! Bad Lieutenant deserves an award just for being so cooky in the midst of a slew of Hollywood remakes and sequels. This film is easily the most random I’ve seen this year and still one of the most enjoyable. Definitely worth a watch now it’s out on DVD.

6. The Social Network
I had mixed feelings about The Social Network before seeing it. Here was a film made by a good director about a website I can’t stand. Luckily it turned out to be a brilliant tale of startups and friends, one that everyone should watch.

5. Monsters
Monsters was a very unusual film, nestled alongside bigger Hollywood releases it dared to go for a more human route and won out over its kin because of it. Easily one of the more humbling films out this year.

4. Kick Ass
I gave Kick Ass a very harsh rating when it came out (not even 6 out of 10) but have since found it to be one of my favourite films of the year. With a story any geek can get behind, witty dialogue and a brilliant cast it’s definitely one the better comic book films out this year.

3. TRON: Legacy
It would be impossible for Tron to not enter the Top 10 list of any geek. Following on from the original very smartly, this film relied more on effects over plot but still pulled out strong because of it. And the soundtrack was easily the best of the year.

2. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
This is perhaps the biggest tragedy of 2010. Scott Pilgrim was easily one of the best graphic novel adaptations I’ve seen in a long while with a brilliantly imaginative set-up. Unfortunately it was deemed a financial flop and so any sequels seem unlikely. Please people, get this on DVD and enjoy it!

1. Inception
With a storyline that actually made people think (at least compared to standard Hollywood fodder), Inception redefined what sci-fi could be like at the box office. Layers upon layers, dreams within dreams, it created an amazing world. Fights in revolving corridors (that were filmed IRL), cityscapes folding over themselves and a story that managed to keep you watching throughout, Inception is my number one film of 2010.

Honorable mention: Avatar
Including the updated Special Edition released mid way through the year, I’ve seen Avatar three times this year alone and it is still one of my favourites. Maybe I’m a bit excessive in my watching habits, but I still can’t get enough of the world of Pandora. Now to wait until 2014 for the sequel(s).