TRON: Legacy

The big film of the year, seen on the same date I saw Avatar last year. With some of the best special effects around and an amazing score, it did have a good shot at being the best film of the year. But it wasn’t.

TRON: Legacy continues very nicely from where the first film ended, much better than I had expected. Flynn’s son has grown up, abandoned the Encom empire and gone his own way. Queue up a good real-world set piece and he is suddenly thrown into his fathers realm, or at least what has become of it.

I won’t ruin the plot, mainly because there isn’t much to it. Out of all the elements of the new film the plot is ultimately it’s weakest point but that is to be expected in any sfx-driven movie nowadays. Speaking of the special effects, they are outstanding, easily to the level of Avatar last year. While the 3D may be limited, the film still packs a visual punch that is best delivered in IMAX.

Easily the best aspect of the entire film though is the soundtrack, scored and produced by Daft Punk. I’ve had the soundtrack on repeat in Spotify for the past few weeks and still can’t get enough of it. It easily beats Inception or any other film this year for best soundtrack.

Overall, Tron is definitely worth seeing while it’s out at the cinema.

My rating: 9/10