Film 2014

The year seems to have flown by for film. My little list of flicks I’ve seen hasn’t been updated in a long while, so the following collection of the movies I’ve enjoyed most may seem a little erratic. But dig in and enjoy.

Her — 5/5. My favourite movie of the year, this presents a brilliant future with some great insights.
The Lego Movie — 5/5. Funniest film of the year easily. Everything is awesome.
The Man From Nowhere — 5/5. Some of the best fighting in a movie I’ve seen and a brilliant central character who changes during the journey.
Edge of Tomorrow — 5/5. A surprise amongst the normal sci-fi drivel pumped out. A solid story and great effects.
The Signal — 5/5. An oddball, love-it-or-hate-it entry, but one I found great to watch.
Guardians of the Galaxy — 5/5. A laugh, a romp and all round good fun. A welcome break from the normal run of darker comic book movies (see below).
Captain America: The Winter Soldier — A brilliant story and some great sequences. Brilliant to see a darker take on this (see above).
The Raid 2 — 4/5. More great action, but lacked the claustrophobia and rawness of the first.
The Rocket — 4/5. A brilliant movie with some truly wondrous visuals, if harrowing at points.
22 Jump Street — 4/5. A sequel that new exactly what it was and succeeded because of it.
The Machine — 4/5. Oddball, low-key, British sci-fi. Says it all.
The Grand Budapest Hotel — 4/5. Wes Anderson on better form after his last attempt. Good collection of characters as ever.
Fury — 3.5/5 – Not your average Hollywood WWII documentary.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes — 3/5. Very much a stop-gap movie. Questionable characters, dumb decisions and standard action.
Need For Speed — 3.5/5. Not gonna lie, I actually really enjoyed this movie. Some great chase scenes with minimal-ish CGI-ness.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 — 3/5. Some great performances, if a little hokey. And that ending.
Lucy — 2.5/5. A great start that slowly devolves into more and more outlandish CGI.
X-Men: Days of Future Past — 2.5/5. Better than the last Wolverine, but the franchise seems to have realised it’s groaning under it’s own weight.
RoboCop — 2/5. You can’t reboot RoboCop.
Interstellar — 2/5. Absolutely mind-blowing visual effects, followed up with a predictable story and the dumbest scientists since Prometheus.
Godzilla — 1.5/5. The few times you see Godzilla, this film is amazing. But unfortunately there’s far too little of that.
Transcendence — 1/5. There’s so much potential here, and instead we get a special effects fest with nothing to back it up.
Snowpiercer — 0.5/5. As dull, lifeless and cliched as possible. Explain away the symbolism all you like, this movie sent me to sleep.