So I decided to spend a few hours (more like all the hours) bringing the content on HybridLogic up to speed. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. When I originally ported this site over to WordPress I abandoned all of my previous content. It’s only in hindsight do you realise how valuable those old words are.

So now you can go back all the way to 2006. Why why not read about my first experiments with AJAX or how, in 2007, I was already thinking of dropping PHP 4. So radical!

I haven’t just confined myself to the past though. Coming on a year now, I’ve been addicted to the /r/WritingPrompts sub-reddit. Crazily so. 94 stories written in 9 months, totalling over 30,000 words. So I’ve pulled them over and dumped them in the Writing section as small collections. This has the added benefit of making the entire sidebar look like utter shit!

But it does mean you get to read my regurgitation of the zeitgeist of modern media in the form of badly edited text! From taking ideas from syfy to having a bit of fun at humanities expense.

There’s the horrors of war, and then some more war. Or maybe some crime and punishment.

Most stories get a trickle of upvotes. But if you write something expecting money or fame, you’re a fool. Luckily /r/WP seems to be one of the nicer corners of the Internet. So read. Or write. Or both. I’m off to write my next novel (hah).