Fuck Yeah TV

I love the first few weeks of Summer. All of the short seasons begin; the shows with ten or 12 episodes, quality over quantity. And this year is epic.

Game of Thrones

This is a pretty easy one. I kind of got turned off GoT a while back, when each week it seemed another character would be killed off. Yeah it’s good for the wow factor, but eventually it leaves you apathetic. You just stop caring about people and the only thing that matters is when they day. Hopefully now they’re branching from the books they can take a bit more care.

As for this weeks episode, Hardhome. Boom. That’s some awesome effects (and a lot of practical effects) with a great lead-up towards the final few episodes. Can’t wait to see if Winter has finally bloody come.

Halt & Catch Fire

H&CF was gonna be good, if only so I can watch that kick-ass intro again.

The first season was a brilliant tale of the genesis of the personal computer and season two looks like it’s got a hankering for the Internet (or IRC of some kind). Can’t wait to see how it goes, but more importantly how it affects the people. The first season was great for showing the toll that making some so mathematical has on creative people.

Strike Back

This is a guilty pleasure, but Strike Back is just guns and action, action and guns. The latest season (no idea of the number as each season acts as one-long arc, this time Legacy) has already started with a bang. Stuff’s gonna go boom while my mind goes off. What more do you want?


This is one of those really difficult shows, like House of Cards. Sometimes you’ve gotta push through. Past the beautiful camera angles. Past the omigod-I-want-to-eat-it-all food porn. Past the extravagant language. Because the pay off is just amazing. I’m not gonna give any spoilers because I know a lot of people have this on a back-burner. But seriously, start watching. Just don’t eat at the same time.