Glasto Links

Glastonbury is currently on-going in a field somewhere in England. I saw a line-up of artists last night and realised I’m so far removed from that whole area of music it wasn’t even worth Spotifying their names. Anyway, Saturday links inbound.

The Rush – A nice video to start off. Well, not sure if nice is the correct adjective, but at least it’s well made by the talented Freddie Wong.

Happy 10th birthday to us! Celebrating the best of 10 years of Reddit – Ah reddit. I love it, going on six years now. Amazing to see it still going strong (and that a post about a guy with two dicks got more views than the President of the United States).

ThingieQuery – I spend an inordinate amount of time in Excel considering the wealth of other tools out there (hey, at least it’s not Numbers *shudders*). Unfortunately this is Windows only but I could see it being hugely useful to query over Excel docs via SQL.

Wooden combination lock – My Dad’s always been a good woodworker, so it’s cool seeing something hidden away brought to life in wood to demonstrate how it works.

Megaprocessor – And speaking of showing how things work, this is a computer the size of a room. Pretty cool.

The Future Of Ui Design? Old-school Text Messages – People lust after shiny UIs and fancy effects, but ultimately we’re all trying to accomplish a task and if writing a message is the best (or even most natural) way, it’s going to be hard to beat.

Telegram Bots – And speaking of writing, Telegram have rolled out their own bots platform. Clever to see them dogfooding by using their own bot to make new bots.

Atom 1.0 – I’m still using the venerable Sublime Text 2 (does that count if it’s only a few years old?), but Atom is getting stronger everyday.

Building Analytics at 500px – Decisions should be made on data and the only way to get the data is to collect it.

Suddenly, a leopard print sofa appears – Speaking of data, this is what happens when you naively ask questions of it without thinking about *how* the machine is learning.

The Making Of Dust – More videogame related stuff, this one a post from 2003 detailing Dust which was the most popular map in the whole world for several years (until Dust 2 overtook it). Both consumed most of my childhood along with de_aztec and cs_1337_assault.

Supreme Commander – Graphics Study – Last videogame thing I promise, but a breakdown on how a scene is rendered from the same guy who did Deus Ex. Never forget, everything in a game is a hack to draw pixels on a screen.

Killing off Wasabi – I don’t know what’s more amazing; that they decided to write their own language, or that it lasted so well. Unless you’re the Rob Pikes of the world, this is probably going to end badly.

How to build your own public key infrastructure – Security’s a pretty hard thing to get right, so it’s worrying that many services rely on obscurity to protect them from weaknesses. Good to see Cloudflare showing how they manage it at scale.

Unpacking git packfiles – And last but not least, more than you ever wanted to know about how git stores stuff. Have your SHA1 hashes and eat ’em.