I Spent My Weekend Shooting Nazis on the Moon with a Laser Gun and it was Glorious

Back when I was 11, I vividly remember getting Syphon Filter 2 for the PlayStation. I played that game for 11 straight hours, taking only short pauses to eat and defecate. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that.

Wolfenstein: The New Order was an impulse buy, in the most literal sense of the word. I was looking for toothpaste, went down the wrong isle, and picked the box up for £14. I then proceeded to put in 7 hours on Saturday and 12 straight hours on Sunday. And it was glorious.

I’d planned to do some work, catch up on side projects and meet some mates to discuss ideas. Instead I just lounged around and let my mind completely empty as I fired projectiles of various calibre into the flesh and metal of my enemies.

The game is not perfect. Flight controls aren’t inverted and the graphics definitely aren’t next gen. But you know what? It gets everything else so right it doesn’t matter. No quick time events, fuck yeah. No following a guy, watching what he does, then performing the same thing. You can play it stealthy, you can go balls to the wall with dual-shotguns.

I’m nearly at the end, having lost far too much time hunting down relics and puzzles. But after putting out a project that’s going to be used by 20 million people next month, I needed a break and Wolfenstein rocked.