I’m pretty terrible at learning stuff. Doesn’t matter if it’s a concept, a skill, a library or a game. It takes a long while for stuff to sink in. So lately I’ve been pushing myself to just learn new things.

In the real world, that’s meant picking up badminton and squash, two things I’ve never played much of before. Last night I finally had my first win, admittedly through a combination of frustrating a hungry opponent. But it’s been good. Learning what works, what I can pull off and what is doomed to get me hit with a ball in the face.

In the other world, that of bits and bytes, I’ve been refining my use of repositories for managing entities along with picking up some proper server deployment tools.

None of these things I was any good at to begin with. And I’m still not very hot on all of them. But I’m slowly plugging away at them.