I’ve been on something of a sports journey recently. After my abortive Birmingham 10K I’ve had to take a break from running which normally means just swimming, cycling and gyming it.

Instead I’ve started playing a few more team sports, with some mates who recently moved into the city center. Playing badminton for the first time in ten years was… painful. I’d forgotten everything, which wasn’t much to begin with. Losing 8-1 the first week, then 8-1 again and finally (only) losing 7-3 is pretty disheartening, but it’s good to do something a bit more explosive.

Anyway, last night I finally played squash for the first time. Mentioning it on Twitter you’d think it’s the national sport of geeks, but I’ve never even so much as been in a squash court, much less picked up a racket and smacked myself in the back of the head.

I’m pretty god awful, but winning at least one match lets me know I can do some things right.

All of this is basically a pretty long-winded way of saying, I can’t wait to get back to running.