It’s time to get back in the flow. I’ve spent the past two weeks getting smashed by waves, but now it’s time to get back to what I’m actually good at; writing code. It also means restarting my GitHub streak.

Before I left, I had reached 27 straight days of commits to GitHub. At first, I hadn’t even paid attention to the streak info, figuring I’d missed a few days already. But then I saw it, doubled down, and made it a point to keep going.

Some days were the smallest change possible while others involved significantly more work.

The commits took the place of my previous serial-blogging experiment. I would wake, fix things that had been bugging me during the night, and push. It was a great motivational boost to know that, no matter what else might happen during the day, I had accomplished at least one productive act.

So, now to stoke the boilers and pick up that steam again.