Canvas Links

This week saw the 4th instance of Canvas Conf and it was amazing. TED, Graze, Medium, Travelex, and to top it all off NASA. Freaking NASA coming to Birmingham to talk about protecting the planet(s). Naturally there is now a photo of me looking enamoured talking all things microbial floating around on Slack, but it was worth it.

Turning a climbing wall into a video game – Programming doesn’t mean writing code or pushing out an app, sometimes you can just make something real a bit cooler.

Requestdiff – This came in handy when comparing two APIs earlier in the week.

AddEvent – It’s crazy that in 2015 there still isn’t a standard add-to-calendar button, but this is pretty darn close.

rollup.js – I’ve yet to fully start using ES6 modules, but this looks nice. And pulling out just the necessary paths is very cool/

System shock – Things are going to break and they are going to break for the stupidest of reasons.

Cron in production? That is a double edged sword! – Cron jobs make the world go round, and things like dead mans snitch can help.

Goodbye CoffeeScript, Hello TypeScript – I dislike the entire idea of transpiled languages, why they didn’t just jump to ES6 or even 7 I don’t know.

The viability of JS frameworks on mobile – Mobile and frameworks just don’t mix.

Run Docker Containers in any Cloud – Now run by Docker, this looks like a nice alternative to things like kubernetes.

Swarm v. Fleet v. Kubernetes v. Mesos – And speaking of docker manages, here’s a comparison of all the current big boys.

Running a Modern Infrastructure Stack – I wonder how many people run these systems without truly needing to run these systems.