Power Links

I’m writing this devoid of electricity. That’s not wholly true of course, but waking up to silence is an odd feeling in the 21st century. Even when camping I had my phone, but the 6S seems to struggle to retain a charge. Regardless, while my Drobo reindexes its terabytes of data, here are some links. A mix of funny and goofy.

Desktop Container Computer for Docker Containers – If anyone wanted to get me something for Christmas, this is it.

Twitch Installs Arch Linux – This will probably be over by the time you read this, but I can imagine no greater hell.

The Future of News Is Not An Article – Good to see the New York Times focusing on what news can be for the next generation.

25 Abandoned Yugoslavia Monuments that look like they’re from the Future – Honestly, I just included these because they look seriously cool.

Is Programming Poetry? – I’ve often said that programming, the software engineering side of computer science, is much more like an art than a discipline.

The Hardest Working Person At Silicon Valley’s Most Important Startup Isn’t a Person – We’re (slowly) starting to use Slack for more and more tasks and this is the pinnacle.

Uber Goes Unconventional, Using Driver Phones as a Backup Datacenter – Scale capacity, scale time and now scale proximity.

The Stack That Helped Medium Drive 2.6 Millennia of Reading Time – We had a speaker from Medium at Canvas and it was amazing how many pieces of tech it takes to run something as simple as a reading site.

Visualizing Docker Containers and Images – A nice breakdown of what changes at each layer.

Introducing Shadow DOM API – I’m pretty out of touch with the front-end world, but this looks mighty handy.

This Is Not Your Father’s FORTRAN – I’ve got a soft spot for older languages. Scary to think how much of the banking world still runs on this stuff though.

Tech Deep Dive into Carina – Another entry into the hosted Docker marketplace.

Angular 2 in Plain JS
A nice and simple overview of the parts that makes up Angular 2. Still no idea when it’ll be production ready.

Random Acts of Optimization – A great breakdown on how “making something fast” is rarely a case of changing a few settings.

Engineers Build Ugly Products – And finally, something I’m especially guilty of. 20% of options are used 80% of the time.