Xmas Links

This’ll probably be the last set of links for 2015. I’m off for several weeks, with family and travel, so enjoy the festive season and be merry.

MailChimp 2015 Annual Report – Some nice numbers.

Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah Factory Workers’ Day Off – Good to see the company giving back.

Netflix & Socks – Genius.

The SMU-problem of messaging apps – Interesting.

NY Times Gizmo – This could be very useful for some apps.

CSS3 proven to be turing complete. – Craziness.

Introducing Background Sync – Will be interesting to see what the implications of this will be.

Move Fast and Fix Things – Merge all the things.

How we improved throughput by 4x – Varnish is really good for small objects but nginx is still much more configurable.

Go in the modern enterprise – Traces are a must once you string together more than two services.

Kinto – Parse from Mozilla. Don’t understand the decision to use Python though.

Dissecting A Budget Tube Screamer Clone – A bit of hardware teardown.

The Bash Academy – Learn you some bash for great good.