An Old Portfolio

My “business” site, as in the place I don’t ramble on about code and movies and the world, has been a bit neglected recently. I say recently, but the last update was at the start of this decade and since then it has received nery a touch.

Not coincidentally this abstinence started at the same time I joined 383, so it’s understandable. And as time has gone on, every time I’ve thought of dropping in the name of a client I’ve worked with I’ve passed it by because the next project is so much more amazing.

But, as part of my reflections on a lot of my sites turning ten, I decided I need to do something. The site was a basic one-pager, what could be easier to update? In the end, I ended up throwing away everything but the favicon and that’s because I couldn’t face opening Photoshop. The new design is much simpler I feel.

I optimised for speed and efficiency over new JavaScript frameworks or fancy designs. System fonts, a single set of CSS styles hand-coded to elements on the page. The whole thing clocks in at under 5 KB. I also, finally, moved it away from an older host.

I’m happy with it. I know I’ll be able to update it as the time comes and it won’t require keeping any build tools in check either. So go on, go and check out the new

Now, with that out of the way, I can start on updating this site.