Turning Ten

Ten years ago I decided to take a domain I had registered the year before and put it to good use. I replaced my homebrew CMS (the second version) and replaced it with the freshly released WordPress 2.0 along with a new design.

Since then I have blogged. Every year for ten years. Half a million words. Countless thoughts and reviews and stories and guides. From the first design, to the fields in Poland and the very first post I added to the database.

This site predates the iPhone. It predates Google Chrome and responsive design and transpilers and a hundred other web technologies that have come and gone in its stead. It has received touches of love every few years but there are creaking parts, dependencies on third party APIs that are no longer there.

But this is my little corner of the web and it’s been around for nearly half of my life. Let’s hope it’s around in another ten.