July Links

Far too many links, far too infrequently. A random collection gleaned from my Instapaper over the holidays.

Orson Scott Card & The MICE Quotient – I’ve been using this breakdown for a few weeks now in short stories and it’s brilliant for ensuring a tight focus.

Famous landmarks shot from the wrong direction – I’m a sucker for not looking at things in the usual way.

The Conjoined Triangles of Senior-Level Development – A very nice breakdown on what it means to be ‘senior’.

How we generated $712,076.64 in revenue with two people in a little over two years – Feels like we’ve been using KYC at 383 for years and I still love it.

Type in Blade Runner – I love this series, looking at the typography in classic movies.

Typography for User Interfaces – A very detailed article on something that (especially developers) just take for granted.

The long and winding road to v1.0 – I’ve been using Plex for over 7 years now and I love it more with every release.

Combat AI beats the Air Force’s top tactical experts – It was a given that a plane can outperform a human, but when they’re starting to exhibit new behavior, that’s the worrying sign.

A Glimpse into the Apollo Guidance Computer – They should teach this in CS classes. The level of foresight was amazing.

Securing a travel iPhone – You can never be too paranoid.

How a comment on HackerNews lead to 4 ½ new Unicode characters – I knew it would take a while, but damn.

How I built an app with 500,000 users in 5 days on a $100 server – This guy annoys me, but it doesn’t mean it’s all bad advice. Lean code and raw queries are always going to be faster.

Continuous – Actual C# and F# on the iPad. This is what happens when you open stuff up to the community.

Concrete AI safety problems – These are the kind of principles you need to bake in from inception.

Autofill – Along with datalists, this is one thing I really want browsers to just bloody solve so I don’t need more typeaheads.

High Performance Browser Networking – Every developer should read this.

Hammerspoon – LUA scripting for OS X. Awesome.

The Children’s Illustrated Guide to Kubernetes – Maybe a tad oversimplified, but this is gorgeous.

Create React Apps with No Configuration – Facebook’s response to people moaning there’s too much tooling needed for React? More tooling.

Make the Web Work For Everyone – Working on large consumer products, and some of my own start-ups, has made me appreciative of just how many people are out there, using the things we build.

Ceci n’est pas une – A nice breakdown of writing Debian tooling in Go (and a beautiful site design to boot).

Building the Gyroscope App – I love the idea of Gyroscope and seeing the level of detail that goes into it is great. But React Native? Not yet.

Jailbreaking the Microsoft fitness band – Because why the hell not?

Everything I Know About The Script Tag – Maybe more than you even need to know, but useful nonetheless.

The Segment AWS Stack – I’m seeing Terraform used more and more and it looks really damn useful.

conorpp/u2f-zero – A make-it-yourself U2F token. Encase it in resin and you’re golden.

Richer command line interfaces – A good breakdown on how to make a more advanced cli tool.

Improving CSS quality at Facebook and beyond – One of the best things about Go is running everything through an AST and ensuring it’s consistent. Good to see it used elsewhere.

Go’s march to low-latency GC – Really impressive. I doubt it can ever get low enough for a FPS, but it’s come a hell of a way already.

Making a Video Conference – From the ground up. Really interesting.

Backdoor Service Workers – This is terrible. Really bad. But I can see so many sites using it.

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