September Links

Ignore August. Pretend it never happened. It was hot, a lot of stuff got shipped, and a whole backlog of links piled up once more. So here is to me emptying my Instapaper queue once more.

The Cuban CDN – Weird to think this was/is how a whole country get their content.

Making a case for letter case – It’s telling the effect such a simple design rule can have on the feel of an application.

Apple vs. Google vs. Us – This is the kind of story I love; people spending a lot of time on something very simple to make it look right.

My resume in an Operating system – Novel technique.

How Teletext and Ceefax are coming back from the dead – They were too busy with the could to ever think about the should.

Towards a taxonomy of cliches in Space Opera – A useful reference list for myself.

The MIT License, Line by Line – A legal breakdown of the licence I use most often.

Generating fantasy maps – An awesome collection showing simple algorithms making cool output.

Cheese talks to himself (about Linux game porting and Day of the Tentacle Remastered) – A lovely little refresher on what games were like.

DOOM Graphics Study – This guy knows his GPUs.

Creating the same 3D game in JavaScript and C++ – An interesting breakdown of both.

MotionMark – A new browser benchmark from WebKit. Some of these are actually beautiful to look at.

How Long Should I Make My API Key? – Forgetting birthday collisions, this is a useful breakdown.

The Elegance of Deflate – It’s things like this that show the beauty in writing code.

Synchronized Virtual Desktops – VNC in VR, awesome.

30K Page Views for $0.21 – For specific use cases, serverless design can be amazing.

Playing With Syntax – This is where the true power of a lisp shows itself.

Fast and Accurate Document Detection for Scanning – Crazy to think a device in your pocket can do all this in the blink of an eye.

How To Set Up And Deploy To A 1000-Node Docker Swarm – Because nothing says how like why the hell not?

Containers in production at GoCardless – Interesting to see both the advantages and disadvantages of docker in the real world.

Looking at your program’s structure in Go 1.7 – Very cool breakdown of what goes on under the hood in Go.

Machine Learning is Fun! – Always good to learn something new.

API First Transformation at Etsy – A very nice way of creating view-orientated APIs.

Context aware MySQL pools via HAProxy – A bit more intelligence in the load balancing.

Announcing Envoy – Routing traffic via HTTP is a very useful method.

Random notes on improving the Redis LRU algorithm – Interesting look at cache eviction and the effect it can have

Protecting Netflix Viewing Privacy at Scale – Every time I read an article like this I realise I should get this blog on the TLS-train.

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