October Links

So it’s November and I’m doing October’s links. Stuff happens and I’ve spent most of my time lying in a bed. Anyway, this should suffice.

The western rock covers in Westworld – I love this show. The music is just the icing on the cake.

Nominees for the 2016 Information is Beautiful Awards – All of these are incredible.

Shepherding Random Numbers – Beautiful example of how math can be art.

Elementary, My Dear Siri! – An interesting look at an unabashed clone of macOS.

When your screen breaks in the Himalayas – The mother of all invention.

How We Built the World’s Prettiest Auto-Generated Transit Maps – Beautiful work showing all the details that need to be considered.

How I finally fixed my dodgy wifi with Ubiquiti – If only I had the money for this. And the need.

Programming is Hard – A brilliant breakdown of what life is like.

Taking PHP Seriously – Though much of “Slack” is standard messaging services, it’s good to see them stand behind PHP.

Walmart Will Manage 200-Plus Distribution Centers With OneOps, Jenkins, Nexus and Kubernetes – I’m still unsold on Docker for true production rollouts unless you move as quickly as they do.

Memory Performance Boosts with Generators – For when you have to export a million row collection.

How to support full Unicode in MySQL databases – Because everyone wants emojis in 2016.

Continuous MySQL backup validation at Facebook – A backup is only a backup if it can be restored from as I learnt the hard way.

WaveFunctionCollapse – This is just gorgeous.

Error Handling in Node – Because stuff happens and far too many node apps fall over at the slightest trouble.

Build a Phased-Array Radar in Your Garage that Sees Through Walls – This is so geeky it’s awesome.