Something happened in February that I didn’t give enough attention to at the time. This site, HybridLogic, turned 15. A lot has changed in that time. Both on-line, and off.

Services have come and gone. FictionPress gave way to Twitter. Twitter to Reddit. Reddit to Medium and then back. WordPress has stayed ever-present. This blog has run some incantation of that venerable PHP app since it’s earliest days.

Hardware has seen a slow march through Apple’s line-up. I’ve dipped a toe back into Windows, always returning due to the fractious nature that OS seems to have with its “users”. On servers in the The Cloud and in the bedroom, I’ve mostly stuck with Debian, often Ubuntu. Simple, reliable. My fingers know exactly where to cd too, to get to where I want.

And this blog has remained through it all. Maybe it’ll change. A lick of paint. A new back-end. More content, links, opinions, reviews, guides. Me. For 15 years, hybridlogic.co.uk has been my little corner of the web.

Hopefully it’ll make it to another 15.