Take A Break

It happened again. It got towards the end of the financial year and I had a large chunk of remaindered holiday to take. Last year I was in San Francisco but this year I just wanted to do nothing. Continue reading »

Turning Ten

Ten years ago I decided to take a domain I had registered the year before and put it to good use. I replaced my homebrew CMS (the second version) and replaced it with the freshly released WordPress 2.0 along with a new design. Continue reading »

The Hot Path

A few years ago I had a problem. An API, consuming a dozen microservices, needed to scale and not just by an order of magnitude or two. It needed to handle a load far greater than it was originally intended for. How to do it? Continue reading »

2016 Links

We’re half way through the first month of 2016. Just 343 days until Christmas. Now that’s sunk in, here’s a dump of all the links I meant to post over Christmas but was too busy eating chocolate/not driving off the road in Iceland to post. Continue reading »

Berliner Links

This is getting to be a thing, missing alternate weeks. Last weekend was the latest 383 Weekender, this time taking over Berlin. We saw the sights. Drank and ate. And hopefully didn’t lose a client because of room service. Enjoy the links. Continue reading »

Just Words

I’ve been blogging here for ten years now. This is my home online. All the posts and stories and guides I’ve written, all of them end up on HybridLogic. I’m nearing 300,000 words spread across dozens of pages. I’ve read longer books (heck, I’ve read longer fanfics), but these are my words. Continue reading »

Mountain Links

This time last week, I was part way up the tallest mountain in South Wales, trudging through snow and wind to reach the top and immediately turn back around it was that cold. Hence this weeks instalment contains a fortnights worth of links. Continue reading »