Launch Links

It was good coming back to a three day week, even if it was punctuated by a couple of huge launches. Here’s a set of links, mainly collected while on holiday. Gotta love Instapaper. Continue reading »


It’s time to get back in the flow. I’ve spent the past two weeks getting smashed by waves, but now it’s time to get back to what I’m actually good at; writing code. It also means restarting my GitHub streak. Continue reading »

Board Links

I’m about to disappear for a week of surfing, which means here is a massive dump of links to last you this week and next. This week has involved putting the finishing touches to a load of projects and getting them out the door before I leave. Gone are the days of expecting multiple calls to get server details, we’re to the point now I know the rest of the team can handle whatever may come. Launching to tens of millions of users across the continental US is still a little nerve wracking though. Continue reading »

Onboarding via Overheard

383’s growing. It’s really weird to see and feel; there are the tangible things of course. Desks for nearly 40 people. Asda shopping drops that consist of more cans of coke than a Columbian submersible. But then there’s the more important side of it all. The Culture. Continue reading »

6S Links

Last night saw the first phase of the rollout of an app I made go live at 9 pm EST, which meant watching top at 2 am. It’s weird seeing more people flood onto a server than there are digits in my phone number. Normally I would have caught up on sleep later (well, technically I did fall asleep while watching Legend), but instead I was up at 8:01 to pre-order an iPhone. Life over, links begin. Continue reading »

Node Links

I got an email this morning, while pushing some fixes to a repo while still curled up in bed. Digital Ocean are migrating away from the old AMS1 DC. Which means I’ve spent the morning getting ready to move things back to Linode. I’ve been happy with DO, but Linode have always felt like the more grown-up company. Anyway, there’s a bucketload of links this week, so get clicking. Continue reading »

Fifa Links

A bit more variation in the links this week, some design, some op-eds and then the usual geekery. This week has also seen me working on the front-end for the new version of HybridLogic. First new design in eight years, and it feels like that long since I last did anything resembling design. I just can’t get over old habits though, it’s got to be pixel perfect. Continue reading »

The Cliff

I call it the Cliff, but it could just as well be a mountain. An inevitable point that I reach with all projects that I undertake on my own time. I start with gusto, after the initial paralysis on choosing which of the thousand different options to use. I get a good run at the problem. Start adding modules, functionality and UI springing up and all is good with the world. Continue reading »

Naga Links

This week has been pretty damn interesting at work. There are new plans in place and projects in the pipeline that are the kind of things a geek like me lives for. So I celebrated by having a curry with the family and am now paying for having a ghost chilli jalfrezi. Anyway, a mixed set of links this week (as ever, they got more techy the further down you go). Continue reading »

Dog Links

Last night was spent betting on dogs chasing a fluroescent orange sock around a dirt track. It was a great night out with the 383 crew, which only served to get everyone more excited for Berlin in December. It was also the end of a great week; I’ve made some big decisions and began deploying out an app to the first few million users). Continue reading »