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It’s not often a film dives into the near future and presents a vision that is both technologically engaging but also fundamentally profound. Minority Report, for all it’s whizbang effects and cool transitions, presented a type of computer interface that anyone having played with Microsoft’s Kinect for more than thirty minutes will realise is a pipe dream. So it was with relief that Spike Jonze settled upon a much more natural channel of communication with his latest film, Her. Continue reading »

Twenty Twelve

2012. We’re all still here, which means another entry on the Wikipedia list of predicted doomsday dates that came to pass (it’s a thing) and another blog post for this sorely neglected site. So, without further ago, begin Operation: DESCRIBE YEAR IN REVIEW WITH FOLLOW UP GOALS FOR NEXT OPERATION. Continue reading »

Film January 2012

The first month of 2012 has already gone and I’m still yet to see my flying car or robot assistant. To make up for this I continued my cinema run, seeing 8 films in January. Unfortunately most of them sucked. Continue reading »

Film 2011

So, the total cinema visit count for this year was only 94 (down from last years 100+), but still a respectable amount. It was also the year we finally bothered to get Cineworld Unlimited cards, saving a small fortune! Anyway, here are my top 10 films of 2011. Continue reading »

The Tourist

What you have here is a standard Hollywood plot with standard Hollywood actors in standard Hollywood action roles. There’s nothing special or unique and even the “twist” is about as expected as can be. Continue reading »

TRON: Legacy

The big film of the year, seen on the same date I saw Avatar last year. With some of the best special effects around and an amazing score, it did have a good shot at being the best film of the year. But it wasn’t. Continue reading »


Megamind turns the current trend of animated superhero movies on its head. Here the good guy is the bad guy and the bad guy makes a good guy who becomes the bad guy like the original good guy. The plot itself isn’t the strongest point, but then again this isn’t Pixar. Instead what you have is a funny film that finally uses 3D for some good. Continue reading »