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Split Screen

Remember when you crouched on my head and I boost-jumped you over to the other side of the bridge? Or that time you were riding shotgun on a mongoose and wondered what would happen if you swung a gravity hammer? Oh damn, remember taking the bridge of the flag carrier on Legendary? Split-screen Halo has consumed most of my gaming childhood, and now 383 are killing it. Continue reading »

Glasto Links

Glastonbury is currently on-going in a field somewhere in England. I saw a line-up of artists last night and realised I’m so far removed from that whole area of music it wasn’t even worth Spotifying their names. Anyway, Saturday links inbound. Continue reading »

Gaming Me

Gamification has become such a buzz-laden word nowadays it’s lost all meaning. But its original origins, in games, enticing people to keep on playing, is still around. And Forza Horizon 2 has got me wrapped around its little finger. Continue reading »

Halo: Reach

It’s been many years since I first picked up a controller and played Halo at a friends house. A short time later and I had my own Xbox, putting in more hours than could be considered healthy. Since then the Halo series has taken a sharp decline (in my own humble opinion). While Halo 3 was better than the others, none have captured the original Halo feeling. Bungie have tried very hard to go back to their roots with Reach before moving on to other licenses, and is easily their best shot at recapturing glory. Continue reading »


This post is an amalgamation of three drafts that have been kicking around my inbox for a while, each spawned by news articles I’ve read around the Net in the past few weeks. Instead of making three separate posts I’ve decided to collate them into one, explaining my thoughts on each issue in turn. Continue reading »

Aliens vs Predator

I have been a massive fan of the Alien and Predator franchises for over a decade. The original Alien vs Predator still gives me chills each time I think about it, the quiet ping of the motion tracker, the scuttling sound of a nearby alien. So it was with good expectations I picked up the remake. Continue reading »