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Sticky Games

I’ve been on a run of tech posts recently so I want to do something totally different. I’m currently pulling together loads of old films, books, and games for the new site and wanted to make a Top 10 list but realised I don’t actually care about ratings. I’ve sunk more time in a mid-tier game than many best-of winners. So I want to make just a random list of games that are “sticky”, ones that have held my focus and/or my memories. They’re more ordered by when I first played them but then again, maybe not.

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Ruffling Digi27

2005-05-22. That’s the timestamp in the first docblock on digi27.com. Feels like an eternity ago. The site is… bad. Twenty year younger me was not a good coder (so some things don’t change). But as part of the fallout from Apple killing Flash, Digi27 has kind of been pointless for a while.

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Forza Horizon

I love Forza. Ever since clocking up 400 hours on Forza 2 I’ve been hooked, slowly honing my racing skills ready for new tracks and new opportunities. With Forza Horizon, Turn 10 have given control of their almighty racing simulator to a relative unknown and set them loose to make something new. And they did, brilliantly. Continue reading »