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Just Words

I’ve been blogging here for ten years now. This is my home online. All the posts and stories and guides I’ve written, all of them end up on HybridLogic. I’m nearing 300,000 words spread across dozens of pages. I’ve read longer books (heck, I’ve read longer fanfics), but these are my words. Continue reading »

Twitter Nine

Yesterday was my 9th birthday on Twitter. Nine years. It’s like a journal, a micro-diary of every day and every interaction, all there for the browsing. Here’s a snippet of what I’ve done on 17th November for 10 years (including yesterday). Continue reading »


I owe a lot to my parents. From my mothers side I’d like to think I received my creative side (and an excellent beef stew recipe) but from my dad I acquired an analytical knack for exploring the world. There was one thing he always showed me growing up as a kid, and I’m fairly certain it is the single largest contributor to why I’ve become the programmer I am today. Continue reading »

Onboarding via Overheard

383’s growing. It’s really weird to see and feel; there are the tangible things of course. Desks for nearly 40 people. Asda shopping drops that consist of more cans of coke than a Columbian submersible. But then there’s the more important side of it all. The Culture. Continue reading »

The Cliff

I call it the Cliff, but it could just as well be a mountain. An inevitable point that I reach with all projects that I undertake on my own time. I start with gusto, after the initial paralysis on choosing which of the thousand different options to use. I get a good run at the problem. Start adding modules, functionality and UI springing up and all is good with the world. Continue reading »


I love flying. And not just because it takes me to awesome places around the world. I love flying because it’s safe and because it’s computerised. Continue reading »

To Blog

I’m away in Budapest for a stag do for the next few days. It’s a much needed break. But I didn’t realise how much it would mean to break my blogging streak. 80 days now. Continue reading »

Rollout Quote

“The new site is awesome. I can find what I want on the pages really easily. You could hide a body on the previous site and no-one would find it.”

Client feedback.

Field of Infinites

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I love this moment. When you’re starting on a brand new project and it’s huge, bigger than anything you’ve ever worked on (and I just shipped an app to twenty million people). It’s amazing. Every possibility is open to me. And now, it’s time to work out what can be done, what should be done and then how to go away and do it.