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This is my 250th blog post. Admittedly it’s taken me 9 years to get here and a fifth of those posts have been made in the last 50 days, but it’s a nice milestone and another excuse to be a bit meta. Continue reading »


Being a developer is a pretty solitary occupation. You can work in an office full of devs, but ultimately you’re writing code in your own little world (unless you’re pair programming, but that’s a discussion for another day). Continue reading »


Last night, while sitting around watching others play FIFA, a friend was filling in a passport application form for another friends brother. We’ll leave issues of what makes someone of good standing in their community to a later date, but they were stumped when it needed said friends passport number. His passport was sitting several miles away at his parents house with little chance of recovery. Until I remembered I had all of his personal information on my phone. Continue reading »


I was looking through an image gallery recently, of foreign words that have no singular counterpart in the English language. As a developer, names are one of the most important axioms of any program, so it’s always fascinating to see entire concepts rolled up and packaged in a few scratches on a bit of paper. Which reminded me of my family’s own lexicon. Continue reading »

I Want

I had a nice blog post planned for today. Bit of recent news, a few quotes, discussion worthy. And then I lost my morning dealing with support requests. Warning; rant ahead. Continue reading »

Dev Curry

Last night was the third Dev Curry I’ve been to. If the name didn’t give it away, it’s just a bunch of local geeks (mainly web) meeting up to chat and eat. Continue reading »

Spontaneous Snowdon

This is a short post. One, because it’s late on a Sunday evening and I have a load of things to do. And two, I’ve just got back from Snowdon (via Welshpool, Shrewsbury and the worst motorway network in the world). Continue reading »

Every Day

I’ve tried to avoid any meta posts, but I need at least one. This post marks three weeks, 21 continuous days, of blogging. Not even when I was posting movie reviews did I manage this frequency. I don’t know what’s kept me going, and I especially don’t know if I can keep going. Continue reading »


Years back, when I was still in school and looking for a Summer job, I filled in for a temp position at my (now) uncle’s paint factory. It was a good wage, primarily because I was a desperate student and agency temps are more expensive. Each day I would arrive at 7am, push giant plastic bath tubs full of sheets of resin-like paint to a big grinding machine and collect the boxes of ground up paint it spat out the other end. Continue reading »


Right now my blood is pooling in a small plastic pouch, slowly rocking backwards and forwards as the anticoagulant prevents it from spoiling. It’s going to take a few minutes to draw the full unit. I’ll stand up, eat a chocolate bar and walk away. Continue reading »