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GeoIP && Docker && GHCR

It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve released code to the open web. In fast, the only contributions I’ve done in the last 5 years have been to Chakra and a few other OSS libraries. So, in an attempt to try something new, I recently delved into the world anew.

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You Built It. They Came. Now Support It.

Since my last post on HL Twitter almost a month ago, I’ve accrued another 3,000 downloads bringing my total to just over 8,000. Now obviously this doesn’t mean 8,000 people are using my plugin, undoubtedly many of them are repeat downloads etc. But it does mean I now have a much larger userbase compared to my initial development, and with that comes “support requests”. Continue reading »


It’s always good when geeks get together. Well for geeks at least, most people’s eyes just glaze over at the first mention of programming. As such this is a quick bloggie to let all the web devs in the Brum area know about HydraHack, an informal meetup arranged by Tom Martin (a colleague at 383).

HydraHack is a monthly meetup for web developers in Birmingham, who enjoy getting together and making things.

Come along, show off your latest creation and have a few cuppas at Urban Coffee Co.

Tweet Beginnings

This is just a short post to say thank you to the brilliant people behind Twitter, especially CapnWiley for his help. As some may know, I started using Twitter back in 2006 before it had even really hit the geek-stream, let alone the mainstream majority. A while later I began archiving my tweets locally, along with Flickr uploads, Nike+ runs etc, so that I could analyse them and just generally play around. However, Twitter only allowed access to your most recent 3,200 tweets which meant my original ~500 had been lost to the ethers!

I got in touch several years ago but had no luck, Twitter just couldn’t justify providing access to these tweets. Recently though Twitter mentioned a way to provide an archive of all tweets (primarily for those who have passed on) and I decided to give it a shot. Lo and behold, I now have all 16,748 tweets (as of writing). This means I can now put in motion a cunning plot @Rice and myself have hatched, more details to come!

Shortlink support in WordPress 3

A plugin I made a long time ago for WordPress 2.x created short URLs for posts and stored them as a custom field for later use. This meant posts would get an automatic tinyurl (or similar address) for visitors to use. It always annoyed me however that this wasn’t built into the WordPress core. Not the generation of short URLs themselves, but that there was no standardised way to retrieve them from themes meaning each one had to be customised. Well I was pleasantly surprised to find that as of WordPress 3 there is now a set of functions for handling short URLs and they are even displayed within the admin area! Continue reading »