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Film January 2012

The first month of 2012 has already gone and I’m still yet to see my flying car or robot assistant. To make up for this I continued my cinema run, seeing 8 films in January. Unfortunately most of them sucked. Continue reading »

Film 2011

So, the total cinema visit count for this year was only 94 (down from last years 100+), but still a respectable amount. It was also the year we finally bothered to get Cineworld Unlimited cards, saving a small fortune! Anyway, here are my top 10 films of 2011. Continue reading »

2010 -> 2011

2010. It’s being an absolutely amazing year personally and I’m sad to see it end, but as ever time marches on. This post serves to sum up everything I’ve done this year and what I’m looking forward to in 2011. Continue reading »

The Tourist

What you have here is a standard Hollywood plot with standard Hollywood actors in standard Hollywood action roles. There’s nothing special or unique and even the “twist” is about as expected as can be. Continue reading »

TRON: Legacy

The big film of the year, seen on the same date I saw Avatar last year. With some of the best special effects around and an amazing score, it did have a good shot at being the best film of the year. But it wasn’t. Continue reading »


Megamind turns the current trend of animated superhero movies on its head. Here the good guy is the bad guy and the bad guy makes a good guy who becomes the bad guy like the original good guy. The plot itself isn’t the strongest point, but then again this isn’t Pixar. Instead what you have is a funny film that finally uses 3D for some good. Continue reading »


This is not a monster film, despite what the title may say. Indeed a better title would simply have been People. Or in this case, two people. What we have here is someone who took all the cliches Hollywood has built up in the last few decades about what a monster movie should be like and swept them aside in favour of showing how people would truly react if their world was invaded. Continue reading »