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Great Birmingham 10K

I did the first Great Birmingham 10K this morning, along with a few people I know and work with. It’s been raining all weekend, but luckily stopped for most of the race. The Sun even came out at one point. I finished in a disappointing 52:16 according to my Garmin, but 56:33 according to the chip timer which is even weirder. Continue reading »

Twenty Twelve

2012. We’re all still here, which means another entry on the Wikipedia list of predicted doomsday dates that came to pass (it’s a thing) and another blog post for this sorely neglected site. So, without further ago, begin Operation: DESCRIBE YEAR IN REVIEW WITH FOLLOW UP GOALS FOR NEXT OPERATION. Continue reading »


Today marks three years since I began running. In that time I’ve gone from a wheezing 13 minute mile (and enough leg cramps to make me doubt ever walking again) to being able to run the Sutton Fun Run route (8.5 mi) in just over an hour (and getting my mile time down to 5:58 in the process). In that time I’ve learnt a few things, often the hard way, so here’s some tips on what’s worked for me for the 1,300 Km I’ve covered so far. Continue reading »