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Dead Man’s Snitch

I stopped blogging every day a while back, but I’ve kept up a steady stream of links on Saturday mornings since. Hopefully this new instalment will join that roster. I might call it Friday Dev Love, or maybe Things A Geek Just Can’t Live Without. First up, Dead Man’s Snitch. Continue reading »

Power Links

I’m writing this devoid of electricity. That’s not wholly true of course, but waking up to silence is an odd feeling in the 21st century. Even when camping I had my phone, but the 6S seems to struggle to retain a charge. Regardless, while my Drobo reindexes its terabytes of data, here are some links. A mix of funny and goofy. Continue reading »


I owe a lot to my parents. From my mothers side I’d like to think I received my creative side (and an excellent beef stew recipe) but from my dad I acquired an analytical knack for exploring the world. There was one thing he always showed me growing up as a kid, and I’m fairly certain it is the single largest contributor to why I’ve become the programmer I am today. Continue reading »

Canvas Links

This week saw the 4th instance of Canvas Conf and it was amazing. TED, Graze, Medium, Travelex, and to top it all off NASA. Freaking NASA coming to Birmingham to talk about protecting the planet(s). Naturally there is now a photo of me looking enamoured talking all things microbial floating around on Slack, but it was worth it. Continue reading »

MCC Links

I’ve got a tonne of work to do, from dog-sitting to writing a guest post on a blog. But instead, I’ve used my free time to complete all 57 levels in the Master Chief Collection, spanning 10 years of games. With that out of the way, it’s time to find another use for my procrastination. Continue reading »

IDs are Unique

A few untruths I’ve learnt having worked for a few global clients over the years about identifiers and how they operate in the real world.

  • There is one source of truth
  • Everything has a globally unique ID
  • Every thing has a single ID
  • Things never swap IDs
  • IDs never change
  • IDs only change rarely
  • IDs change predictably
  • The old IDs aren’t needed anymore
  • Every ID is in the same format
  • An ID is always numeric or ASCII
  • Case does not matter in IDs
  • Case does matter in IDs
  • A column will never contain more than one format
  • The latest Excel is the most correct
  • You can manage all of this with code

Disaster Links

Yesterday, at 4 am Eastern Time, the primary US data centre we use had a control plane fault. Cue much activity as disaster recovery became real. Anyway, not much in the way of links this week; either the Internet was slow or I was too busy. Continue reading »

Launch Links

It was good coming back to a three day week, even if it was punctuated by a couple of huge launches. Here’s a set of links, mainly collected while on holiday. Gotta love Instapaper. Continue reading »


It’s time to get back in the flow. I’ve spent the past two weeks getting smashed by waves, but now it’s time to get back to what I’m actually good at; writing code. It also means restarting my GitHub streak. Continue reading »