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Semantic Search

At work, we recently released a big new feature I’ve spent the past few weeks and months working on; semantic search. Given all of your uploaded documents, allow natural language questions against them. Here’s some post-release thoughts.

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I have a bit of a secret, a way to keep dev enjoyable/actually do some chores in between the stream of sales driven development feature requests and the (luckily rare) bug reports. I call them submarine tasks.

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There was recently a discussion on Hacker News around application logging on a budget. At work I’ve been trying to keep things lean, not to the point of absurdity, but also not using a $100 or $1000/month setup, when a $10 one will suffice for now. We settled on a homegrown Clickhouse + PHP solution that has performed admirably for two years now. Like everything, this is all about tradeoffs, so here’s a top-level breakdown of how Clog (Clickhouse + Log) works.

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