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There was recently a discussion on Hacker News around application logging on a budget. At work I’ve been trying to keep things lean, not to the point of absurdity, but also not using a $100 or $1000/month setup, when a $10 one will suffice for now. We settled on a homegrown Clickhouse + PHP solution that has performed admirably for two years now. Like everything, this is all about tradeoffs, so here’s a top-level breakdown of how Clog (Clickhouse + Log) works.

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June Links

Yesterday I attended my first TEDx here in Birmingham. It was an amazing collection of topics covering everything from gravitational waves through to food start-ups in Detroit. I can wholeheartedly recommend finding your nearest one and going. What follows is a big pile of links, none of which are related to TED, but which I’ve been meaning to get out for a while. Continue reading »

The SVN Server

Nowadays I take it for granted that everything is in git. Even my Uni dissertation was stored in a git repo. But this is a story of the first time I was exposed to source control, back when SVN was the top dog, and someone had a genius idea of how to set it up on a server. Continue reading »

Turning Ten

Ten years ago I decided to take a domain I had registered the year before and put it to good use. I replaced my homebrew CMS (the second version) and replaced it with the freshly released WordPress 2.0 along with a new design. Continue reading »

The Hot Path

A few years ago I had a problem. An API, consuming a dozen microservices, needed to scale and not just by an order of magnitude or two. It needed to handle a load far greater than it was originally intended for. How to do it? Continue reading »