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Tweet Beginnings

This is just a short post to say thank you to the brilliant people behind Twitter, especially CapnWiley for his help. As some may know, I started using Twitter back in 2006 before it had even really hit the geek-stream, let alone the mainstream majority. A while later I began archiving my tweets locally, along with Flickr uploads, Nike+ runs etc, so that I could analyse them and just generally play around. However, Twitter only allowed access to your most recent 3,200 tweets which meant my original ~500 had been lost to the ethers!

I got in touch several years ago but had no luck, Twitter just couldn’t justify providing access to these tweets. Recently though Twitter mentioned a way to provide an archive of all tweets (primarily for those who have passed on) and I decided to give it a shot. Lo and behold, I now have all 16,748 tweets (as of writing). This means I can now put in motion a cunning plot @Rice and myself have hatched, more details to come!