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Released into The Wild

I’ve been using WordPress for quite a while now, going on at least 5 years (I remember the big switch to 1.5) and in that time I’ve written hundreds of lines of code for it. From complete rewrites of the XML-RPC interface to basic theme utilities and everything in between. During my time at 383 Project I wrote a multitude of plugins, often for highly specialised internal needs which unfortunately meant I’ve never released any of my own into the wild. Well that’s all changed. Continue reading »

Home, Sweet Home

Finally, after six months of development work both locally and staged on l0ke.com, HybridLogic has moved to its proper home. The plugins that power the site are coming together nicely and at this point I’m happy to have it as my primary personal website. Please let me know if you notice anything amiss or pointing to the old domain, all links should be automatically redirected to the new site.

In even better news, I can now begin rolling out my plugins beginning with HL Twitter and HL Xbox. Expect a proper announcement, download and guide for both in the coming days.

Shortlink support in WordPress 3

A plugin I made a long time ago for WordPress 2.x created short URLs for posts and stored them as a custom field for later use. This meant posts would get an automatic tinyurl (or similar address) for visitors to use. It always annoyed me however that this wasn’t built into the WordPress core. Not the generation of short URLs themselves, but that there was no standardised way to retrieve them from themes meaning each one had to be customised. Well I was pleasantly surprised to find that as of WordPress 3 there is now a set of functions for handling short URLs and they are even displayed within the admin area! Continue reading »

HybridLogic 9billion&7

This design has been a long time coming. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. The last full version of HybridLogic was released in September 2007, nearly three years ago! Since then I’ve gone through iteration after iteration of new sites, each using a different system, design or both. A few weeks ago though I got tired of the endless cycle so decided to drop back to basics and get something up ASAP. This is the result and I hope you like it. Continue reading »

Using WordPress as an Admin for non-WordPress data

Okay, this one kind of surprised me. Apparently, the vast majority of developers never realised just how easy it is to use the WordPress admin to administer data that is held in non-WordPress tables. For example, I store all of my Xbox friends and games in a bunch of tables that live next to the default WordPress ones (such as wp_posts etc). Within the WordPress admin I then have additional menu tabs to add, edit and delete all of these. And by using WordPress you get a lot of stuff for free. Continue reading »

From Kohana to WordPress, a Plugins Story Part I

The last version of this website, currently still up at HybridLogic as of writing, was built on top of the Kohana framework. Unfortunately what you make up for in power you lose in the ability to just get stuff done. Seriously, don’t underestimate the power of having a blog ready to post in. Anyway, getting back on track, I decided to move over some of my Kohana-specific libraries to WordPress today. This is the tale of what happened. Continue reading »

Now Running 3.0

WordPress 2.0 was released on New Year’s Eve 2005. It doesn’t feel like five minutes ago I was installing it with glee, thankful to be away from the 1.5.x branch. And now, L0ke is running the latest and great 3.0 release! To be honest, I’ve been using the past few release candidates seeing as how this is a testbed blog, but it’s good to know it’s now officially out.

So go on, upgrade your blogs today and enjoy all the new features. Full release details can be found on the WordPress website.