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Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor was supposed to be the game that brought the series into the 21st century, literally and figuratively. After the slump the past few games have found themselves in, this would be the one to revitalise the franchise and return it to it’s rightful place atop the war games pile. And it has failed. So badly it may take the entire franchise with it. Continue reading »


This post is an amalgamation of three drafts that have been kicking around my inbox for a while, each spawned by news articles I’ve read around the Net in the past few weeks. Instead of making three separate posts I’ve decided to collate them into one, explaining my thoughts on each issue in turn. Continue reading »

Aliens vs Predator

I have been a massive fan of the Alien and Predator franchises for over a decade. The original Alien vs Predator still gives me chills each time I think about it, the quiet ping of the motion tracker, the scuttling sound of a nearby alien. So it was with good expectations I picked up the remake. Continue reading »