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Alien: Isolation

I don’t normally like horror games. Not for lack of nerves, or masochistic tendencies. It’s just… they’re not very scary. Oh sure, you’ll jump a few times. But after that? It’s just mowing down bad guys. Doesn’t matter if they’re Yetis in Uncharted, Divers in Bioshock or zombies in innumerable games. Alien Isolation takes a different turn, and in doing so is utterly amazing. In a trouser-changing kind of way. Continue reading »

Forza Horizon

I love Forza. Ever since clocking up 400 hours on Forza 2 I’ve been hooked, slowly honing my racing skills ready for new tracks and new opportunities. With Forza Horizon, Turn 10 have given control of their almighty racing simulator to a relative unknown and set them loose to make something new. And they did, brilliantly. Continue reading »

Halo: Reach

It’s been many years since I first picked up a controller and played Halo at a friends house. A short time later and I had my own Xbox, putting in more hours than could be considered healthy. Since then the Halo series has taken a sharp decline (in my own humble opinion). While Halo 3 was better than the others, none have captured the original Halo feeling. Bungie have tried very hard to go back to their roots with Reach before moving on to other licenses, and is easily their best shot at recapturing glory. Continue reading »