Mountain Links

This time last week, I was part way up the tallest mountain in South Wales, trudging through snow and wind to reach the top and immediately turn back around it was that cold. Hence this weeks instalment contains a fortnights worth of links.

Caret – Beautiful markdown editor.

The Making of Gyroscope Running – Beautiful running ap.

Analyzing 1.1 Billion NYC Taxi and Uber Trips – Beautiful data visualisations.

The Top 12 Technologies the Year eBay Was Born – Retro love.

Why Rdio died – I love Spotify, but always wonder if it’s a viable business model.

The Realities of Installing iBeacon to Scale – Good to see a real-world take on this. I imagine when every store in a mall start adding beacons we’ll see the same thing there.

Suspension Bridges of Disbelief – Because who doesn’t want to be a pedant?

What is Medium? – Joe spoke at Canvas and I think his slide on just what makes up Medium’s architecture did more to shock the audience than any speech.

First timers only – I still remember submitting my first PR; It’s a daunting experience but great for learning.

How Facebook’s Safety Check Works – A simple solution for a tricky problem.

Scale Testing Docker Swarm to 30,000 Containers – Docker is getting closer and closer to being production-ready for your everyday dev.

Introducing the New – Lots and lots and lots of React.

Pac-Man’s Siren Call – Scaling isn’t just about handling the increase in traffic, it’s all the little edge cases it brings alongside it.

Why Chromium has code owners – A very good idea for any large dev team.

Architecting the new Imgur Mobile Web – Serving images. Sounds simple, ends up being hard.

Let’s Also Talk About 2015’s Mozscape Index Woes – 10 million subdomains on a single domain. I just don’t even.

asciinema – Share terminal playback. Nice and simple.

docker/dockercraft – Control docker from minecraft. Because we can.

pressly/sup – Like a combination of make and ansible.

Patronizing Passwords – The only requirement for passwords should be > 8 and < 50 characters.

Junk junk junk – You can strip out vary and cookies and everything else you like, and you’ll still end up with dozens of variants in your cache.

Fallout 4 Service Discovery and Relay – Now if only more games pumped out data like this!

Java 8 Tutorial – There’s a heck of a lot of good stuff in the latest versions. I wonder how long it’ll take Universities to catch up.

Capturing 5xx Errors with a Debug Server – The biggest problem when deploying microservices at scale is not detecting failing servers, but intermittent faults.