2016 Links

We’re half way through the first month of 2016. Just 343 days until Christmas. Now that’s sunk in, here’s a dump of all the links I meant to post over Christmas but was too busy eating chocolate/not driving off the road in Iceland to post.

The Website Obesity Crisis – Faster servers and more compression just hide the problem.

The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment – It was a nice idea, ruined by people.

Ditching Scrum for Kanban – An interesting solution but maybe only one where the client and the team is one.

10th Anniversary of jQuery – Ten years. That’s crazy.

Moving a team from Scala to Golang – Languages, as much as we ignore it, define how we work.

Starters and Maintainers – This reminds me, I have some pull requests to merge.

12 Fractured Apps
Some proper advice on setting up apps in 2016.

Fun with Swift – Because what’s the point of programming if you can’t have a bit of fun.

AWS S3 vs Google Cloud vs Azure – Compare all the cloud storage providers.

Transitioning to SCSS at Scale – Big things in big companies are interesting.

Show Server Stats in the Today Sidebar with Today-Scripts and Glimpse – Useful for devs and… devs.

meSpeak.js – Text to speech in the browser. The fact that this is coming of age is mind-boggling.

Jotted – Your own jsfiddle in the browser. I can see myself using this for a lot of documentation sites.

matryer/bitbar – Like glimpse above, but nicer in its own way.

Reducing complexity for PHP developers – Normally these articles, especially PHP ones, are truly awful but this actually has some good advice.

A Beginner’s Guide to Scaling to 11 Million+ Users on AWS – I read this but I can’t help think you can do a heck of a lot better by scaling smartly rather than just throwing more money at a problem.

5 AWS mistakes you should avoid – A nice counterpart to the AWS guide above.

Puppet development workflow with Git – Some good takeaways with dynamic environments.

How to Protect Your Infrastructure Against the Basic Attacker – Security shouldn’t be an afterthought.

On The Design and Implementation of a Stealth Backdoor for Web Applications – I love this, where the exploit is the security itself.

Making a Mini-Lisp – Because who doesn’t want to make their own language.

Replacing Redis with BoltDB – Bolt looks really nice for when you’re making a small app and don’t want to have to deploy an external dependency.

Unscrewed; A story about OpenBSD – And finally, some good old fashioned BOFH stories.

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