My White Whale

I have a project, codenamed Ox currently, that has been consuming me for the past seven years.

It’s not a difficult project, not when I know what I want out of it. Like dealing with any client though, the hard part is knowing what I want out of it.

It’s supposed to be a… space, for me. Track scrobbles, games played, photos taken and where, people, friends, control lights, last forever, be available everywhere but only locally.

I have gone through iteration after iteration, oftentimes using it as an excuse to spelunk into some deep dark corner of technology to my lizard brain.

  1. Static files with a CLI tool to parse and extract
  2. Golang, rust, electron desktop GUIs
  3. SQLite data replicated via CRDTs
  4. Docker, firecracker, wasm engines to execute simple scripts
  5. A simple PHP & MySQL website

Everytime, I find a reason not to continue. I am on version 44. I passed the meaning of life and still can’t sleep because I think of another angle.

I know the solution is to write a spec req doc.

I know the solution is to split this out into tool A, tool B, tool C.

I know the solution is to use off-the-shelf tools.

But I don’t know.