Web Components

As for of New HL(tm), I’ve been playing around with Web Components to try and get some of that framework feeling, without loading 100kb+ of js.

They’ve been… interesting so far. The Shadow DOM is like a whole other world, where styles don’t apply but thankfully all the major browsers now support <link> tags so you can just bring in the parent style.

Rendering and observing are just the more traditional class attributes, and events are actual HTML events you can bubble up.

I don’t know what it is, but it just all feels slightly… off. I think it’s in the integration of the final components into the page. You end up needing to write some boilerplate JS to do setup or orchestrate communication with other components/fields on the page. Maybe I’m just doing it all wrong though.

Either way, it’s been fun learning something new. Please don’t deprecate them now.