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As some may know, I’m a geek who loves his gadgets. Nowhere is this more evident than in the living room where I currently have a HDTV, A/V receiver, Xbox 360, Mac Mini and a Drobo. Having backed up a large collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays to hard-disk I needed to find the best way of playing them in the comfort of a nice sofa. I’ve been through a range of boxes, OSs and systems but have found my perfect match in Plex/Nine. Continue reading »

Apple TV

Apple today announced the new Apple TV, 1/4 the size and just $99 to boot (which means ¬£99 in the UK). This thing is going to sell, it will exceed every market expectation and will become as ubiquitous as a Sky box. And I don’t want one. Instead I just bought myself a new Mac Mini, specced out and seated very comfortably beneath my HDTV. Why? Because, despite what Jobs may say, some people do want a TV that’s also a computer. Continue reading »


An update on an old meme; list all of your Apple products.

  • MacBook Pro (2.53 core 2, 4GB DDR3)
  • Mac Mini (used solely for HDTV with Plex)
  • iPhone 4 16Gb (after passing on my 3G to brother)
  • iPad (64Gb Wi-fi)
  • AirPort Express
  • 500Gb Time Capsule
  • iPod Nano (8Gb, used for Nike+)

And to think, two years ago I couldn’t even stand the thought of touching an Apple product. There is no way in hell I’d ever go back to Windows as the market currently stands.

48 Hours with the iPad

Thursday afternoon my colleagues at 383 Project must have thought I was going insane, constantly hitting refresh on the Deliveries app to track the progress of my latest Apple purchase. Thirty seconds after getting home I had a lovely new 64Gb Wi-fi iPad in my hands. And I’m not letting it go for anything. Continue reading »

The iPad

The iPad has cometh to the shores of Blighty and it’s bloody astounding by any measure. Expect a full review forthwith but for now just bask in its glow.

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