E3 2015

I love games, so E3 is kind of like a Christmas-come-early type affair. Anyway, some thoughts on what’s been shown so far.

Dishonored 2 looks awesome. The first game was brilliant, like a Splinter Cell meets cyberpunk romp, and this one should hopefully bring along new powers and bigger maps.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided could be the last one with new maps and I’d be happy. Hopefully this time they’ve done away with the horrendous boss fights.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is a mixed bag. I loved the first one, seriously loved it. I’m a bit worried that the kinetic-flow and open maps might make it lose a bit of focus. I don’t need another Assassin’s Creed, I just want to scale some walls.

Fallout 4 looks good. I’ve been playing Shelter for a few days, but those kind of games don’t hold my interest for long. I’ve yet to finish Fallout 3, or even make it very far. I prefer a single concise narrative, side quests and RPG elements are too distracting. I’ll wait for the GOTY edition.

Hitman I don’t get. I mean the game looks awesome and I’m sure they’ve thought up new ways of doing the dirty, but why the name and new face? And that online objectives thing? Sounds like another abortive Contracts-esque mode.

HoloLens & Minecraft looked incredible, despite the camera trickery compared to what the real thing is like (holograms cover about a deck of cards square area held at half arms length). If HoloLens takes off and works as advertised (remember Kinect)? it’s going to be amazing.

Speaking of systems, the new Xbox One dashboard looks ace. The current Xbox One is hampered by the fact that Kinect hasn’t sold and the dash was built with only Kinect in mind. All of that is made up for by bringing backwards compatibility into the mix, let’s hope Blacklist is included in that list.

And last but not least is all the indie games stuff. It’s good to finally see Microsoft actually doing something in this area. HoloLens + small, self-contained ideas are gonna be huge.