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I’ve just sent a list of movies to a friend. Just a random assortment, some new, others old. As I’d rather be finishing Wolfenstein on Über, I figured it’d make for a quick blog post. Continue reading »

Jurassic Placement

I was going to write a review of Jurassic World, but seeing as how it’s on track for the largest opening weekend of all time that’s probably moot. Instead I want to shake my head at another film selling itself out. Continue reading »

San Andreas

I want to ruin this movie for you so thoroughly, you won’t even think about seeing it. Your own children won’t even think about seeing it. I want to burn it into ashes, smear fecal matter over it’s corpse and bury it so deep the next time it feels light will be during the heat death of the Universe. So, my review of San Adreas. Continue reading »

Mad Max

I’m writing this while my ears are still ringing from the cacophony of Mad Max: Fury Road. The movie can be summed up by many adjectives; loud, frenetic, no-holds-barred, glee with a dash of gruesome. But the most apt word, named after the titular character, would have to be mad. Continue reading »


One of my favourite genres, if it even falls under the category of genres, is short story sci-fi. It’s brilliant. Just enough room to show an idea, but not so long as to require world-building and deep characterisation. Because that’s what matters in sci fi, the ideas. People and places are secondary. It’s rare Hollywood can turn a good short story into a film. Remember i, Robot? But Predestination is amazing. Continue reading »