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Setting up Nginx in front of Apache2 on Ubuntu Server

I love my little Linode (shameless referral link), running several sites on the smallest instance available which gives just 512Mb of memory. With the popularity of HL Twitter and Plex Export, I pretty often max out the available memory and Apache starts dropping requests. So I recently set about looking at the best way to reduce my memory footprint and settled on dropping Nginx in front of Apache. This guide explains how and why. Continue reading »

HybridLogic 9billion&7

This design has been a long time coming. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. The last full version of HybridLogic was released in September 2007, nearly three years ago! Since then I’ve gone through iteration after iteration of new sites, each using a different system, design or both. A few weeks ago though I got tired of the endless cycle so decided to drop back to basics and get something up ASAP. This is the result and I hope you like it. Continue reading »

Control your Source, or else

If you’re a programmer, you should use some form of source control system. If you’re working on a project as part of a team, you must use source control. Let me reiterate that, if more than two people are working on the same codebase, that code should live under an SCM. No exceptions. Continue reading »

Using WordPress as an Admin for non-WordPress data

Okay, this one kind of surprised me. Apparently, the vast majority of developers never realised just how easy it is to use the WordPress admin to administer data that is held in non-WordPress tables. For example, I store all of my Xbox friends and games in a bunch of tables that live next to the default WordPress ones (such as wp_posts etc). Within the WordPress admin I then have additional menu tabs to add, edit and delete all of these. And by using WordPress you get a lot of stuff for free. Continue reading »

From Kohana to WordPress, a Plugins Story Part I

The last version of this website, currently still up at HybridLogic as of writing, was built on top of the Kohana framework. Unfortunately what you make up for in power you lose in the ability to just get stuff done. Seriously, don’t underestimate the power of having a blog ready to post in. Anyway, getting back on track, I decided to move over some of my Kohana-specific libraries to WordPress today. This is the tale of what happened. Continue reading »

Now Running 3.0

WordPress 2.0 was released on New Year’s Eve 2005. It doesn’t feel like five minutes ago I was installing it with glee, thankful to be away from the 1.5.x branch. And now, L0ke is running the latest and great 3.0 release! To be honest, I’ve been using the past few release candidates seeing as how this is a testbed blog, but it’s good to know it’s now officially out.

So go on, upgrade your blogs today and enjoy all the new features. Full release details can be found on the WordPress website.

Setting up PHP-FPM and Nginx on Linode

Nginx is designed for very efficient serving of static files. This means that trying to use a dynamic scripting language such as PHP requires a bit of extra work compared to say an Apache installation. This post documents how I’ve set up my Linode with Nginx and PHP using the PHP-FPM extension. Continue reading »


This is HybridLogic. It’s also L0ke.com. Basically it’s taken me so long to develop (and re-develop and re-develop) the main HybridLogic website I’ve decided to set this quick WordPress blog up so I have somewhere to put content and let others look at it without treading through a broken framework. One day all that you see here will be merged with the main HL site, but in the meantime feel free to browse and comment to your heart’s delight.