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Many, many years ago I was an avid reader and writer of various fiction writing websites. There’s still links to them on this site, which shows a. how long they’ve been around and b. how out of date this site is. Recently I’ve been on a bit of binge, revisiting my past and re-reading these old stories. Which led me to a quest.

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My First Buck

When I was eight, I wrote some words on an aging RM laptop using Word 97. They were terrible words and they ran together to form an even more terrible sentence. But it was the first ‘thing’ I had created with a plot, characters and a purpose and I have continued ever since; through terrible fanfics, introspective ramblings and enough robots and aliens to thoroughly exhaust the subject, I’m still putting words on digital paper. So far, five months into 2016 I’ve written a few sentences shy of 100,000 words.

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So I decided to spend a few hours (more like all the hours) bringing the content on HybridLogic up to speed. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. When I originally ported this site over to WordPress I abandoned all of my previous content. It’s only in hindsight do you realise how valuable those old words are. Continue reading »


I’m writing this while waiting for a game to update. I guess that’s representative of most of the recent pieces I’ve put out. Brief ideas turned into (often crude) pieces and pushed out for the world to see with zero expectations. And I love it. Continue reading »